Charles Gawad, M.D. PhD.
Associate Professor
Stanford Medicine
Department of Pediatrics

240 Pasteur Dr
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Our Team


I am fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated group that is focused on tackling some of the biggest challenges in biomedical research and clinical diagnostics through innovation, hard work, and perseverance. Outside of work, I enjoy anything outdoors in the bay area, as well as spending time with my family.

Charles Gawad
Principal Investigator

Veronica received her Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Arizona. In the lab, she is passionate about working out the details of new biotechnology methods. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and spending time with her family.

Veronica Gonzalez-Pena
Basic LIfe Research Scientist

Yakun received her Ph.D. in Internal Medicine (Hematology) from Peking Union Medical College in 2016. She joined the Gawad Lab as a Postdoc in 2018, and has been studying pediatric acute leukemia cell biology with single-cell genomic and transcriptomic sequencing.  She is passionate about uncovering the mechanisms of leukemia development and treatment resistance.

Yakun Pang
Postdoctoral Fellow

Kartika receiver her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Sydney, Australia. She is passionate about making discoveries that contribute to the advancement of science and human health, as well as interacting with other researchers and students to solve big challenges. She loves traveling to new places to meet local people and learn about new cultures.

Kartika Wardhani
Postdoctoral Fellow

David received a BA in Biology from NYU and MS in Biomedical Sciences from Tufts, and is now a medical student at the California University of Science and Medicine. He is passionate about computational biology and creating new knowledge, tools, and therapies in medicine. He loves spending time outdoors hiking, running, rock climbing, and backpacking!

David Klein
Research Data Analyst

Athena he joined the Gawad Lab in 2021 after getting her bachelor’s in Human Biology at UC Santa Cruz. She is interested in using single cell sequencing technologies to learn more about neurodegenerative diseases and leukemia in pediatric patients. When she’s not in lab, she likes to play the guitar and discover new places to eat!

Athena Aragon
Life Science Research Professional

Brandon studied Molecular and Cell Biology, as well as Public Health at UC Berkeley. He is passionate about learning about single-cell data analysis methods, innovative thinking in research, research design, and question-driven analysis. He loves listening to and making music, exploring nature, and playing basketball. 

Brandon Cai
Life Science Research Professional

Shawn majored in Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. In the lab, he is passionate about applying data science and computational analyses to medical research and contributing to research into personalized treatments to diseases like cancer using -omic data. In his free time, he loves rock climbing, studying history and playing tabletop games.

Shawn Schulz
Research Data Analyst

Ali is a Stanford Undergrad majoring in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering. He is interested in emerging and innovative medical technologies, which he works on in the Gawad Lab. In his free time, he watches movies with friends.

Syahmi Ali Mohd Rizal
Undergraduate Researcher


Vibhu Agarwal
Computational Scientist

Vibhu received his Ph.D. is Biostatistics from Stanford. He developed enose AI analytics in the lab before becoming a Senior Director of Data Science at Medidata Solutions.

Yuntao Xia
Postdoctoral Fellow

Yuntao received his Ph.D. is Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from UPenn. In the lab, he developed novel single-cell and cell-free sequencing protocols and computational pipelines before becoming a Senior Scientist at Orchid Health.

Sivaraman Natarajan
Postdoctoral Fellow

Siva received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Universität des Saarlandes. In the lab, he helped develop several new experimental protocols for single-cell and cell-free DNA sequencing before becoming a Staff Scientist at St. Jude.

Rob Carter
Computational Scientist

Rob received his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Ottawa. In the Lab, he led the development and implementation of all computational pipelines. He then joined BioSkryb Genomics as Director of Bioinformatics.

Anju Cherian
Research Technologist

Anju received her M.S. in Biomedical Research from the Morehouse School of Medicine before joining the lab as a technician focused on single-cell sequencing methods. She continued working as a technician at St. Jude when the Gawad lab moved to Stanford.

Ousman Mahmud
Postdoctoral Fellow

Ousman received his Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of Georgia. In the lab, he developed novel computational pipelines for cell-free and single-cell sequencing before becoming a Genomics Bioinformatician at IBM Watson Health.

Yuki Inaba
Research Technologist

Yuki received a BS from Brown before working in the lab as a technician focused on cell-free DNA sequencing. After working in the lab for a year, she entered the M.D./Ph.D. program at UT Southwestern.

Morgan Carter
Pediatric Oncology Education Program

Morgan developed methods for single-cell mitochondrial sequencing while she was an undergraduate at the University of Virginia. She was then awarded a Cancer Research Training Award from NCI to continue her training at NIH.

Ian Nykaza
Pediatric Oncology Education Program

Ian learned about single-cell sequencing while he was an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota. After graduation, he spent time as a clinical coordinator at UCSF before entering as a medical student at Cornell.

Sarah Youssef
MS Student

Sarah received her MS in Pharmacology as a Fulbright Scholar while studying cell-free DNA sequencing in the Lab. She then returned to Cairo where she is a lead pharmacist at Cancer Children’s Hospital, Egypt.

Greg Schwing
Pediatric Oncology Education Program

Greg studied methods for barcoding and performing single-cell sequencing of leukemia samples while he was an undergraduate at the University of New Orleans before entering as an M.D./Ph.D student at Wayne State University.

Shelby Lane
Medical Student Researcher

Shelby studied methods for performing single-cell sequencing of leukemia samples before starting his studies as a medical student at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

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New applicants to the lab are welcome!

  • Prospective collaborative partners should email Dr. Gawad. We are always excited for opportunities for intellectual collaboration.
  • Prospective postdoctoral applicants please email your resume, summary of research, and a paragraph explaining why you are interested in our lab.
  • Prospective graduate students should apply to the School of Medicine Biosciences.
  • Rotation Students: We welcome rotation students from any program at Stanford.
  • We have positions for Stanford undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience.